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Every Saint of God should have armor which looks as marvelous as this warrior's does in the picture above. He clearly is prepared for battle, not only is he prepared for the battle, but he is, also, prepared to win. Don't you agree? Let's take a closer look at his armor so that you can get your armor out of the closet, or whereever it is stored. Polish up your armor, practice welding the sword and raising your sheilds, and maneuvering your bodies in the proper stance for the fight, to win. As I take a closer look, let me describe to you what my findings are:

1.  He  has on the "Helmet of Salvation," it appears to be properly fitted to the head. Not to small, but just right. Too big would mean that he has not been eating the proper diet of spiritual food to nurish his /her body, or if it were too small it could possibly mean that he is ready for new armor because they have matured in a certain area spiritually.

2.  He  is in a standing position, just as the Word of God in Ephesians 6:14, teaches. 

3.  He  clearly has his "Loins" (waist) girded about with truth" (Eph. 6:14). 

4. His "breastplate of righteousness", is fitting great around his body, the breastplate allows for freedom of movement of the arms and shoulder areas .

5. The "armor" also allows for freedom of movement in the arm sleave on both the right and left arms. 

6. The clothing underneath his breastplate allows for movement and also is protection form the roughness of the armor next to bare skin. 

7. His "feet are shodd," according to (Eph. 6:15), his shoes are solid gold in color and I believe that they are real solid gold shoes. This would mean that this warrior is not an ordinary warrior but a seasoned warrior. He or she has gained knowledge and skill to be able to wear such wonderfully designed armor suited just for him. God has placed them in a higher realm of salvation because he is pleased with their mastery of the armor of God and knowledge of defeating the enemy.
8. The marvelous golden color is a brilliant golden color, it appears to be the finest gold quality that there is.  

9.  This amazing warrior has his "shield of faith" position at just the right angle to protect himself / herself form the on coming " fiery darts of the wicked"
(Eph. 6:16),  He is able to defend himself aginst every attack.  He is protecting himself form doubt and unbelief coming from a powerful opponent.  

10. He has learned to take God at his word and to abide in his word, because he is trusting in the promises of God.  His helmet of salvation  (Eph. 6:17),  which is to mean that he  has the assurance of salvation.
11.  With both his sheild of faith and the "Sword of the Spirit",  (Eph. 6:17), he is position in a powerful stance against the enemy. Because he  has both the shield and sword and they both represent the Word of God. He is instructed by Apostle Paul to pray always with all prayer and supplication, watching thereunto with all perservance and supplications for all saints.(Eph. 6:18), the Word of God is not the logos but the rhema word, meaning that when you study the word of God and your eyes become illuminated to a particular passage of scripture or scriptures, this is a word from the Spirit of God within you., selected just for you and for you to apply to your daily living immediately. Watching with the whole armor on and not without the whole  armor of God., otherwise you will be defeated in the battle against Satan's army with their clever schemes which are the wiles of the devil.  

12.  This great and mighty warrior is holding his sword at a angle so that the enemy can see that he is ready for battle and will not stop until he destroys him. He  has their feet position so that they can not be thrown backward or off position. His feet are in a easily maneuverable position, with one movement he can easily move in or out of the grasp of any enemy and defeat them with the slightest movement. 

13.  What Kind of Armor are you wearing? An old rusty worn out armor will cause you to get seriously injured or killed. This means that you have become desensitized to the world of evil around you and you are going about your life as if nothing matters just as long as you make it from one day to the next. This is not the will of God for your life, you would not be an effective warrior in any mans army. Clearly not in God's army of mighty warriors, God would not use you in his battle, you would cause others to loose their life needlessly. True warriors, 
of God be sure that you always have on  "THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD!"