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(PSALM 150:2) Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.

New Born Healed of Large Red Spot On His Eye

On June 5,2015 A New Born baby boy named "Kyng" was born with a large spot on his eye. The doctors told the parents that it would go away with time. But, the grandmother of this adorable child told Royal Queen about her new grandson's eye and Royal Queen prayed for healing in the child eyes and he was healed in the mighty name of King Jesus. Kyng eye is heal of the large red spot on his eye. Praise God for this miracle, in the name of King Jesus.

Activists Malala, Satyarthi Accepted Nobel Peace Prize

Pakistani 17 year old education activist, Malala Yousafzai and Indian child rights advocate Kailash Satyarthi made history today, Wednesday December 10, 2014 as they accepted this year's Nobel Peace Prize at a ceremony in Oslo, Norway. The 17 year old Malala is the youngest Nobel laureate, while Syatyarthi is the first Indian-born peace prize winner. Malala is accepting her award, said: This "is for the forgotten children who want education. "I am those 66 million girls who are deprived of education. And today, I am not raising my voice, it is the voice of those 66 million girls," she said.

Malala has dedicated her life to promoting girls' right to education. She was shot in the head by the Taliban on her school bus in 2012. 

Satyarthi, who has worked to end child slavery, said his goal is for every child to be "free to be a child." He added that there is "no greater violence than to deny the dreams of children. "I refuse to accept that the shackles of slavery can eve be stronger than the quest for freedom," Satyarthi said.The two are sharing the award of $1.1 million prize.

Syrian Refugees Receive Humanitarian and Resettlement Through U.N. Member States

The United Nations reports that 28 countries of the European Union have expressed
their solidarity with the Syrian refugees. They have agreed to take in more than 100,000 Syrian refugees from neighboring countries to help resettle the displaced. These are Syrians who are fleeing a civil war and the encroaching Islamic State militant group. The names of the countries currently hosting the refugees are: Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt. Their solidarity to the displaced includes both resettlement and humanitarian admission. The refugee agency projected budget for next year's resettlement and humanitarian efforts is $6.2 billion, with $500 million in pledeges to date. Approximately 9 million Syrian refugees are estimated to be in need of resettlement and humanitarian assistance as reported by the U.N.

U.N. said on Tuesday, World Food Program has resumed providing food vouchers to Syrain refugees in five countries following a massive funraising. The World Food Program said on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 that individuals and governments have since contributed $80 million.