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Johnathan Bernis, President and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI), has provided both historical, Biblical insights and information regardng the current events happening in Israel today. He believes in taking the gospel to the Jews first and then to the nations (Gentials) (Romans 1:16). His humanitarian programs has brought him to the attention of the United Nations Economic and Social Council where he  recently received regoniation as international NGO. NGO's are non-governmental organizations that conduct a variey of humanitarian functions. He has been granted the the ability to attend various UN meetings and other events with added responsibility.  His ministry objective is to stregnthen and equip the church through education, and providing knowledge about the Christian responsibility to Israel. I believe you will gain knowledge and undertanding regarding Israel's current events by becoming apart of JVMI. Jewish Voice Ministries International

Dr. Paula A. Price, author of "The Prophet's Dictionary", is widely recognized as a modern-day apostle with a powerful prophetic anointing. Her most recent book titled "Before The Garden" , illistrates the timelessness of our faith. She is a dynamic speaker and advocate of the offices of an apostle and prophet. She has founded and established three churches, an apostolic and prophetic Bible institute, a publication company and a consulting firm. She has been instrumential in blending both ministry and entrepreneurial applications in her ministry to enrich and empower a diverse audience coming from various cultural backgrounds. You can watch her morning show an get to meet her via Youtube, I am certain you will be richly blessed. Telephone number (877)419-1299  Text 918-602-2123     http://www.paulaprice.com/

Larry Wayne Robinson is the author and founder of Gospel Interviews. He is a well known media personality and worship leader. He host broadcast that reaches over 2 million people weekly. Larry's show is a syndicated radio program with authors and experts who share a variety of insights on righteous godly living.   http://www.GospelInterviews.com