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Irsael is the most fascinating country in the world in which we live. God has so 
marvelously chosen a race of people to proclaim his unconditional love and to demonstrate his miraculous power in bringing a nation, and the world back into relationship with himself. I have love the (true) story of the twelve (12) tribes of Israel for many years, since my early childhood. The drama unfolding with each story told in my Sunday School class each Sunday has helped me to mature into an astute student. Although I am still studying and learning new and exciting things about Israel's history and culture, I believe I have acquired a working knowdledge ofsome of the key Biblicial stories of Israel, along with some historical information. (see the Hall Of Faith in Hebrews 11).
In recent years, Israel has been in the news media still portrayed as a war torn country, and the news media journalist telling of her story from one country to another. Through research and study I have learned that several people (countries) believe that Israel does not have the right to defend itself in war thrust upon them from their long time enemy, Palestine. Also, I  have learned that their is a world wide campaign to undermine Israel's existance. Word of mouth is spreading like a horrible plague to destroy the very core of Israel's existance through it's young people, news media, college campuses, and the world wide web. 
These cyber enemies are undermining the heart and soul of Israel's youth by delegitimizing the truth of Israel's history, and present condition. These spiritual leaders of Musilm caliphates are conspiring to destroy Israel and the Born-Again Christian's geniune love for the Hebrew race, God's chosen people. Without Israel, will the world continue to exist? This is a question which "DATELINE JERUSALEM" by: Chris Mitchell, Jerusalem Bureau Chief,  of CBN News magazine atempts to answer. Read Chris Mitchell's book and discover some of the history of Israel along with the terrifying stories of Isreal's present condition in war against the violent Islamic caliphate's threatening to undermine her very existance. God will not allow these enemies to destroy Israel because of his promises to their father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as long as there are allies fighting against these enemies attacking Israel and praying for "The Peace of Jerusalem", (Psalm 122:6).


Hamas one of the various caliphates who has sworn to destroy Israel by slauthering them as many as they can one at a time by capturing territories or by using sucide bomers who have infiltrated Israel and the United States. 

Israel is recognized by God as his chosen people, a Jewish nation. Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world, where people in almost every country come to visit this holy city of God, where God has placed his name there (1King 9:3). The place of King Jesus birth, life, death, burial, resurrection, and ascention to the throne room of God. The place where King Jesus brought his plan of salvation. Now, this great holy nation's very existance is threatened by Hamas, ISIS, and many other countries desiring to destroy such a marvelous gift of God to the world. Read Jay Sek;ulow's book: "The Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can Not Ignore". An become apart of the solution to stand against and fight against these blood thirsty terriorist groups threatening to desove your right to experience the Holy Land in person, and in spirit. attacking Israel