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Praise God to everyone visiting my website. It is such a joy to me, knowing that the people of God have come to receive some of the spiritual treasures God has poured upon Prayer Power Ministries. You have come to the right place where the "Anointing of the Holy Ghost breaks every yoke of bondage", (Isaiah 10:27) (Isaiah 58:6), A place where the ministry of intercessions and spiritual warfare are a priority, (James 5:14-16), (1John 3:8), (2 Cor. 10:4-6). Souls are stanched from the gates of hell and won into the kingdom of God (Romans 10:9-10) And healing is the will of God for every sick person, (Luke 6:18-19), prosperity is the will of God for everyone who obeys his word, (3 John 2), and the promises of God are, yea, and in him Amen (1 Cor. 1:20).

My monthly ministry letter and weekly devotionals are designed to contain vital information to help keep you encouraged and build up in the word of God, and filled with the Holy Spirit, (Ehp. 5:18). Yes, you are welcome to comment on each letter and if you have a question I will be glad to help you obtain the answer. And if you believe that God has blessed your life while visiting this website and the holy spirit touches your heart to place a prayer request, or to give a donation to help support the work of the ministry, then do so, you will be obeying the prompting of the holy spirit.  You are also welcome to submitt a praise report of how God has blessed you,  and I know that you will be richly blessed because Gods word says so in (Phil. 4:19). I will be glad to send you a letter of congratulations, because I know you are already "trimphant in Christ" according to (2 Cor. 2:14).  Grace to you and all whom you love, in King Jesus name.

Chosen Vessel,

Royal Queen Apostle Cora Lee Hairston

"Moving Heaven!" "Shaking Earth!" "Shocking Hell!" "To Set The Captives Free!" "In The Name Of King Jesus!"