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  • Hairston, Royal Queen Cora
     Fire is a symbol  of  "The Holy Spirit" from anointed holy oil which lives inside of me, in King Jesus name.

    As Royal Queen Cora Lee Hairston, I come to you with a Bachelors degree in Nursing with a Minor in Mental Health along with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA), with the hopes of obtaining a Doctorate Degree in Ministry in the near future.. Although, I have acquired degrees and many other certificates from my work in the business sector I bring with me a wealth of knowlege from over fifty-seven (57) years of serving King Jesus and studying the written Word of God from local public libraries, bookstores, and my continious persuit of studying Gods word on my own with local Mega-Dallas Churchs, and other nationaly known churchs while living in Dallas, Texas and Garland, Texas for thirty-three (33+) years, in addition to my service and study of the Word of God in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Through my study of the word of God, I primiarly focused my attention on the subject of "Prayer" since my life experiance and many trials required a great deal of prayer and I needed to know how to get
    the attention of Almighty God through prayer to obtain my deliverance from Satans attacks. God has put me through his own training program which most of us know as the school of "hard knocks", for me this is where I obtain the most resourceful spiritual training which has helped to shape me into Gods chosen queen in the earth. I know that there is still more to know about Gods word and education is a continual persuit to be obtained by those who desire to give God their very best, so I endeaver to be all that God requires of me, and so should you. .  

  • Hairston, Royal Queen Cora Lee

  • Hairston, Royal Queen Cora Lee
    This lion demonstrates my life with "Holy Ghost Fire", the things of the Holy Spirit. Fire is one of the symbols of the "Holy Spirit". The Lion is representative of the "Lion of the tribe of Judah" and he has fire coming out of his mouth as a symbol of King Jesus great power and authority to destroy the enemies of Satan's dark kingdom. King Jesus has given me this same power to defeat and destroy the enemies of darkness from  Satan's and Luficer's kingdom authority. "Praise God!"

  • Hairston, Royal Queen Cora Lee
    " I am sealed by the power of the Holy Spirit for all eternity."

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